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Does Your Business Need
a New Burst of Power ?

What would it take to add more burst to your business? To really re-empower your performance? To catapult the quality of your content to new levels? Let me tell you what I've seen.

You know how difficult it is to keep your business in balance, and all the machinery in proper running order. It can be a non-stop juggling act, and I know it's not easy. I've seen good businesses start up, then fade away. 

I've seen talented and well-intentioned entrepreneurs who gave up when the success they were looking for eluded them. They had great ideas, but all the parts just didn't seem to fall into place as they had hoped.

What I offer you here is the process that I used to regain my purpose. Yes, I was in the same situation not that long ago. It took me time to find my way. Now, I'm out to shorten you're learning curve. 

I spent more than 25 years in the corporate world as a communications and media professional. That ended when a corporate buyout forced me into a huge change. I was faced with having to reinvent my path to prosperity. 

The change wasn't easy. There were starts and stops. I lost count of all the new things I tried, and I made more than my share of mistakes. But out of the midst of the struggle I began to develop a plan. 

I took the successes from the good days, and the lessons from the poor ones and turned them into a new business, Grounds to Grow CoachingIt was hit and miss for me for a while. Now, I can help propel you into your potential and improve your possibilities. 

  His program helped me...

   I would like to thank the "Coach," Mr. Stecker, for taking me        through his step-by-step approach on how to enhance my life      choices and business performance. His program helped me     better define who I really was as I came into work. He helped me focus more of my energy toward producing improved patient outcomes. 

Dr. Michael J. Borski, BCAO 
Baker-Borski Chiropractic

Ready to Move Forward?
You've Landed in the Right Place!

This is the place to bring your intentions and ideas to find hope for a resurgence. It can be your place of convergence, where your efforts and energy meet the moment of opportunity.

One good way for you to start a resurgence is with my Pathway to Progress program. You'll begin a process that leads you closer to the successes you've always had in mind for your business.

Or if you want to reach deeper into the core of your operation, go to my 
Build your Brand in a Weekend page and check out how you can re-make the most important element of your business.

The core of my business has always been direct, personal coaching. My deepest satisfaction comes from working closely with clients helping them to open up to new potentials and possibilities. To find out more, go to my Finding Your Balance coaching page.

I'm confident that one of these strategies will be the right one for you. I'm certain that the choice you make today will move you toward uncommon balance in your business, and perhaps even your life.

You'll want to take a look at this new powerful 
coaching: VIP Days!!! 
I connect my Pathway to Progress content with this concentrated one-day session. It's awesome!

I think you'll appreciate the cost too !

Along the Way You'll 
Have to Deal with Change!

   I was struggling...

   Rick stepped in and helped me clarify my ideas, find the right          wording and effectively structure our business plan. After our            meeting, I was excited to get home, start rewriting what I had 
done, and get it into shape to take to the bank. That was the first night I had slept well in weeks.

Sue Larson, Co-owner 
Lil Ole' Winemaker Shoppe

Let Me Tell You About my 
Strategy for Business Success.

In your decision-making process, I'm sure you've had your share of winners and losers. In all that time, were you able to 
put together a winning record?

When it comes to developing a successful business strategy, what are the essential elements? That question can be answered in hundreds of ways. But there are really only four strategies that are absolutely essential: 
  • Knowledge: You must know what you're talking about.
  • Solutions: You must have a process to solve your clients' problems.
  • Applications: You must have a plan to deliver your solution.
  • Communications: You must have a system to promote your business.

How Would You 
Answer These Two Questions?

1.   From among the four strategies above, which is the most important to your business? That's the one that, if you didn't have it, your business would suffer most.

2.  Next, which of the four do you consider your greatest strength? That's the one for which you have unique ability, the one that's easy to perform, and the one you most enjoy.

Did you choose the same answer to both question? Most likely you came up with two different answers. Then there's work to be done. 

Going to work to re-empower your capabilities in each of the four strategies will put you well along the path to improved performance. To find out more, check out my Pathway to Progress page 

  Longstanding work habits changed...

   I would highly recommend Rick as a coach for those seeking a            transition to a successful new future. I worked with Rick to                  improve my work performance. It involved changing longstanding          work habits. Too often, I put off major projects until the deadline was fast approaching. Rick helped me breakdown my goals and develop specific deadlines--a common sense approach that was not my   typical style. He helped me stay focused. Rick's strength is that he will go in the direction the client wants. He was flexible, listened closely, and helped me clarify my intentions.  

David Piccioli 
Union Legislative Director

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It's Always Your Choice
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